As a human, you are susceptible to the effects of winter; as is your car! You need to make a few changes to your car care routine during winter for keeping it fit for driving.

Modify it for the low temperatures and get set to drive effortlessly!

Try Plugged-in Engine

It is a fool-proof way to thaw the coldness your engine is clawed in. A regular engine consumes more fuel while starting during winter as it requires more energy for lubrication of components.

A plug-in engine is much warmer when starting. It reduces consumption of fuel by up to 15% for the first 20 kilo meters of the drive. Beyond that, it warms up thoroughly. Besides, they also lead to a faster kick-in of the emission system. A plugged-in vehicle releases up to six times lower emission. You can get one fixed from our garage for  Suspension Repair Horncastle.




Note: Keeping your vehicle plugged in for 3 to 4 hours is enough. If it is kept plugged-in for a greater duration, it will only waste electricity.

Warm the Pilot!

What better way to warm an engine than driving the car? Letting it run for more than 30 seconds before engaging will only waste fuel and create pollution. Use the engine regularly by driving. Keeping an engine engaged is the best way to avoid the impact of frosty weather.

That said, it is better to avoid rapid acceleration and high speed in the first 5 kilo meters of the drive.

Don’t Rock the Snow Pile When Stuck!

Moving your car in forward and reverse directions continuously can damage the transmission.

But, you won’t want this expensive and necessary component to break, right?

So, you would instead like to try pausing after one move to let the car stop. If possible, deactivate the TCS to channelize your engine’s power towards this task. You can also use tread plates to avoid causing any harm to your car, courtesy the snow bank.

Hot Water is a Big No-No!

With all the frozen objects around, you may get into the temptation to use hot water for defrosting that frozen door lock. However, it can be a disaster as the water will eventually freeze in the low temperature and create further jamming.

In place of it, you can use a de-icer for vehicle locks.

Don’t have one? Fret not! Use hot air from a blow-drier as a hack. Are you missing an outlet or a plug in the vicinity? This trick won’t fail you: heat up the key and slowly insert into your car’s door lock. With a few tries, you will eventually get to unlock the door.

Worn Out Tyres? Replace Them!

Replacing the worn out tyre with new Tyres in Horncastle with deep treads can work up the winters snow to give you a smooth ride. Replace the old ones with winter tyres suitable for off-roading on surfaces like snow, mud and grass. Some of the best winter tyres are available at Rawdon Tyres. Our engineers will even help you in deciding which ones will suit your vehicle best.

Make these adjustments when it’s icy, stormy, and harsh for your car to zoom out smoothly!

Have a pleasant drive through the winter!