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An average company in any industry has to evolve in thought and process to stay in the thick of things even at age 120. This is a difficult task in any industry, especially the global tyre industry, where demand, supply and production patterns change ridiculously fast.

The rise-and-fall of a tyre manufacturer differs from market to market: not always intra-country but inter-country. With that in mind, a recent ‘friendly’ competition impressed us yet again with the quality of that famous German export: Continental.

There is an aphorism that goes like: “Always buy German cars but never hire a German driver.” (Whether that is because they are reckless or too expensive to hire is another question).
Experts had an exclusive sneak preview of the car tyres of the future when they visited the South of France last month. Read on to know more.

When in France…

…it does not always mean that you should play it safe. Continental was recently seen testing its new tyres at the hosting ground of the iconic Monte Carlo Rally, in what appeared to be a round of ‘friendly’ jousting.

They recently showed off their latest range of UHPTs, which is an acronym for Ultra-High-Performance Tyres. This range will probably make it as the best and the cheapest tyres at Horncastle, Lincolnshire sooner than later.

A total of five different cars were seen sporting this new range: the Mercedes-AMG C43 and the all-time favourite BMW M240i and Audi RS3, all had the same tyres. Even some of the more unconventional models, including a Tesla Model S and even a Porsche Boxster, were seen sporting these tyres.

Some Key Takeaways

Pretty soon, you will discover that Continental had something special to offer this year. Experts boiled down this undigested mass of raw data to three main points:

• The German giant will receive great critical and commercial acclaim this year, and some more for years to come. They recently introduced a new tread compound dubbed Black Chili (that is the correct name: we did not misspell it). It promises a better road grip and longer service life.

• These new tyre models will be perfect for electric or hybrid vehicles (like the Tesla seen there) as they will be on traditional cars.

• These tyres underwent extensive testing over three days on a semi-professional circuit. Technicians could not find a single failure; even hairpin turns were dealt with ease. It means that Continental’s Micro Flexibility Compound, or MBC, a name that has been doing the rounds, actually works. A brief aside here: MBC helps in improving the grip between the tyres and the surfaces they are running on.

How Does This News Affect You?

It should, especially if you are planning to buy new car tyres at Horncastle. Continental has always been a significant player in the European tyre business. It promises to bring all these excellent products to the market very soon.

In case you haven’t made your mind on which tyre to pick for your car, you can visit your local car service garage and ask them for assistance. Most car garages have in-house experts, like Simon Rawdon Tyres Horncastle; they have a vast range at attractive prices, which is always a potent combination.

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