Save Your Car from the Chills of Winter with These Neat Tricks

As a human, you are susceptible to the effects of winter; as is your car! You need to make a few changes to your car care routine during winter for keeping it fit for driving. Modify it for the low temperatures and get set to drive effortlessly! Try Plugged-in Engine It is a fool-proof way to thaw the coldness your engine is clawed in. A regular engine consumes more fuel while starting during w

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Time of Our Lives How Continental Tyres is Changing the World at the Age of 120

An average company in any industry has to evolve in thought and process to stay in the thick of things even at age 120. This is a difficult task in any industry, especially the global tyre industry, where demand, supply and production patterns change ridiculously fast. The rise-and-fall of a tyre manufacturer differs from market to market: not always intra-country but inter-country. With that i

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