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Safety when driving your vehicle depends directly on the condition of your vehicle's brakes. It is therefore necessary to always be in shape because even though the systematic usage of the pedals increases their wear, you need to know how to avoid unpleasant surprises and end up spending a fortune. In short, for the best brakes at the best price it takes proper timing.

The middle pedal remains the unmistakable witness to the health of your brakes.

For Instance:

  • The car brakes normally, but as long as the pedal is pressed, it is receding.

    Diagnosis: Press the pedal softly. If it goes easily towards the floor, something is running. Press vigorously and continuously. If it responds normally, come to our workshop. Probably some internal leak in the main thrum has made it ineffective and can deliver the spirit from one moment to the next.

  • Pulling the parking brake, measure the “clatch” ratchet. Five to six are normal.
  • Diagnosis: If the parking brake is exhausted all the way and does not "hold" the car, two things might have happened:

  • The rear pads or heat bars are warned out.
  • The automatic handbrake tensioners, which are often unreliable due to their place under the floor, are stuck or loosened.
  • When you press the brake, the pedal is hard and resembles the feel of wood.
  • Diagnosis: The problem is located in the hydraulic servo membrane (servo) that may be pierced. The damage is usually accompanied by an irregular rhythm due to the influx of air.

  • The pedal goes low. What should you do? Do you ignore it or stop it immediately?
  • Diagnosis: Read in the manufacturer's book exactly what the bulb is referring to. If it is a low level, immediately come to the workshop as there might be a possible leakage. If it's a brake pad, you will be able to make another 1,000-3,000 miles.

  • The steering wheel is shaking. As soon as you press the brake, the car looks like it's breaking.
  • Diagnosis: Press the pedal lightly. If the car brakes with slits, then the front discs are warped.In all those problems you need to have a good workshop to rely on. This is why you should put your trust on Brake Pad Replacement Horncastle who will replace and fix your brakes in the fastest and best way possible.

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