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Hello, Bucknall motorists!

Are you suffering from lack of proper car care centre in your area? Are you finding it challenging to get OEM auto parts for your vehicle, that too at a right price?

Then, suffer no more!

The answer to your prayers is Simon Rawdon Tyres!

Simon Rawdon Tyres is a tyre retail shop and a quality car garage in Horncastle. At Simon Rawdon, you can gain access to all the OEM parts, especially tyres at reasonable rates. You can also book an appointment with us and bring your vehicle to our workshop for repairs and services. We are equipped with all the latest equipment and technology, operated by experienced technicians, that can take proper care of your modern vehicle.

Located at 1 Spratt Cl in Horncastle, we are merely a 20-minute drive away, i.e., around 8.5 miles away from Bucknall. You can reach us driving through B1190 or A158 road.

Tyres Bucknall Motorists will Love

Here, we offer numerous types of tyres that aim to fulfil your motoring needs. Car tyres for your standard vehicle for on-road driving, 4x4 for off-road driving, Summer, winter and all-season tyres that you may need to change with changing weather condition, and specialised-tyres such as performance tyres; all these tyres are available at Simon Rawdon.

All the tyres we offer are manufactured by highly reliable and popular brands only. The tyres of these brands are used by motorists across the world. Our inventory of tyres includes big names such as Hankook, Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, and Continental.

If you want to go through our inventory, then feel free to visit our tyre shop in Horncastle any time during working hours. Our tyre experts will help you throughout the buying process. You can now even buy tyres online from our website, and in just a couple of clicks, receive them at your doorstep hasslefree.

Quick Peek at our garage services 

We cover a large range of services Bucknall vehicles require. Right from doing tyre puncture repairs to performing comprehensive car servicing, we are there for you, tackling any motoring issues you may have.

Our services include:

Customisable car servicing packages

Engine diagnostics

Tyre repairs and fitting

Wheel balancing, alignment and straightening

Component repairs and replacement that include brakes, batteries, suspension, brakes, exhaust, filters, DPF, and air conditioner

Tyre repair

No repairs or replacements will be carried out without your prior consent. We are committed to providing excellent customer experience will keep you updated about each and every step throughout the process.

If you have questions for us, speak to our customer support team. They will be happy to answer all our questions. Call on 01507 526894.

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