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Who we are

We are Simon Rawdon Tyres, a car garage in Horncastle, approximately 1.2 miles away from your village. We have been serving motorists in Horncastle and communities around its vicinity since 2007.

What we do

We specialise in supply and fitting of tyres to the vehicles. We also provide other vehicle-related OEM parts such as exhausts, batteries, brake pads, oils, spark plugs and filters. Our garage is equipped with ultra-modern machinery and equipment, under the reliable hands of experienced technicians and mechanics. Our resources help us to deliver car servicing, diagnostics, and repairs your modern cars require.

Tyres UK roads demand

We supply and fit tyres the UK roads, and motorways demand. Our tyre experts will guide you throughout the purchase process, asking you about the location and types of roads you drive on, the nature of your vehicle; and will also consider the prevailing weather condition. The different types of tyres that we provide are:

Car tyres – Standard on-road tyres

4x4 tyres – For your off-road adventures

Summer tyres – Providing optimal performance in warm conditions

Winter tyres – Offering optimal performance in cold and wet conditions

All-season tyres – Providing stable and consistent performance during varying weathers

Performance tyres – For your high-speed vehicle and premium car 

Simon Rawdon delivers the tyre Claxby Pluckacre roads demand!

Reliable tyre brands

We are the preferred tyre vendors for some of the most well-known brands in the world. The products we supply and fit are supported by these manufacturers' quality and warranty. Some of the big names are:






All the tyres are available at our garage in Horncastle for you. Now, you may even sit in the comfort of your couch at home and buy tyres online from our website and get it delivered to your doorstep. You merely need to type-in essential details. Refer the search box at the top of this page.

Book an appointment to experience our rendered auto services

Book an appointment through our website to utilise the car care services we provide at our workshop. Our services are focused on servicing, repairs and maintenance of all the car components. Some of our services are:

Tyre damage repair

Wheel balancing, alignment, and straightening

General car service

Engine diagnostics

Servicing and repairs of essential car components, but not limited to, such as exhausts, brakes, clutch, suspension, air conditioner, and battery

Restoration work

At Simon Rawdon, we are committed to serve and fulfil all your motoring needs with paramount integrity and commitment.

Have questions for us? Call us on 01507 526894.

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