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Do you own a vehicle? Do you live in East Kirkby? A beautiful village and a wonderful place to live in, isn't it? But you know that, unfortunately, it lacks a good quality garage capable of performing complex repairs and servicing that the newer vehicles require. This issue is a huge headache for motorists and car owners residing in the area.

There is a solution to this problem. The solution comes in the form of Simon Rawdon Tyres garage in Horncastle. It should take around a 15-minute drive through B1183 and A155 lanes from East Kirkby to visit us.

Get to Know Simon Rawdon Tyres

Simon Rawdon was established in 2007 and has been serving vehicle owners in and around Horncastle since then. We supply OEM car parts like tyres, brakes, exhaust, air conditioner and many more. We also perform comprehensive car servicing and repairs for all types of vehicles at our workshop. Browse through our website or visit us at our garage during working hours to get to know us better.

We Sell Tyres East Kirkby car drivers will enjoy driving on.

You must buy tyres from Simon Rawdon for your vehicle. Based on the numerous varying factors such as weather, vehicle type and driver preference, we supply following types of tyres:

• Summer tyres

• Winter Tyres

• All-season tyres

• Car Tyres

• 4x4 Tyres

• Performance tyres

We sell tyres from top-quality brands only; brands that are reliable in terms of quality and warranty. Some popular tyre brands that we are partnered with are as follows:

• Michelin

• Pirelli

• Hankook

• Continental

• Dunlop

Not only at our local garage in Horncastle, but you can also buy tyres online from our site with ease. Refer the search box at the top of this page to take a peek at the range of tyres we offer.

Simon Rawdon Tyres garage services for East Kirkby motorists

Our car care service centre provides extensive servicing and repairs for all types of vehicles. You can schedule an appointment with us through the website or get in touch with us through the communication details mentioned in the 'Contact us' page. Here are few of the services we provide:

• We perform general car servicing for different types of vehicles.

• We perform engine diagnostics to fix the 'check engine' light issue.

• We offer servicing, repairs and replacement of defective parts such as exhaust, brakes, battery, clutch, air conditioner and many more. Note that the replacements are done only after the approval from the customer.

• We provide wheel balancing, alignment and straightening service.

• We provide tyre fitting and tyre damage repair service.

Experience true quality in vehicle servicing and tyres East Kirkby!

Visit us! We are not that far away! You may even give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions. You can reach out to us on 01507 526894.

Simon Rawdon Tyres looks forward to serving you!

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