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Hello to the car owners of Kirky on Bain village!

We, Simon Rawdon Tyres, are pleased to serve the motorists of Kirkby on Bain. If you are looking to buy new tyres for your car, or if you need to get your vehicle checked, come to our auto garage in Horncastle. We are just 5 miles away from you and can be reached easily via A153 road.

We have been in the market for over a decade now, serving motorists across Lincolnshire. Our workshop possesses ultra-modern equipment and facilities operated by trained and experienced professionals, especially developed to take proper care of your modern vehicle.

Tyres Kirkby on Bain motorists must fit their vehicles with!

We have been supplying tyres to motorists across Lincolnshire for many years. However, staying true to our plan of expanding our customer base, we brought our inventory of tyres online to the site With an online presence, we aim to cater to car owners across the UK. 

Staying true to our principle of delivering quality products and services that meet customer needs, we stock tyres of reliable and trustworthy brands only. Here are some of the most popular and globally well-known brands we offer:






Car owners often switch the tyres of their vehicles based on the changing weather, or the change of driving terrain. Some drivers also demand specialised skill from the tyre such as enhanced grip during high speed or ability to drive even when the tyre is punctured. Here are few types of tyres available at Simon Rawdon Tyres.

Changing Terrains (car tyre, 4x4 tyre)

Changing weather (summer tyre, winter tyre, all-season tyre)

Special requirement (performance tyre, run-flat tyre)

If you are unsure about the tyres that would be right for you, give us a visit and talk to our tyre experts who will provide complete support and guidance throughout the buying process. You may even drop us a message on the Contact us page.

Simon Rawdon Tyres Car Services for Kirkby on Bain 

Simon Rawdon performs an extensive range of vehicle services and repairs at the auto workshop in Horncastle. Here is a quick overview of the services we provide:

We provide various customisable car servicing packages to our customers based on their requirement

We service, repair, and replace essential vehicle components such as exhaust, brakes, suspension, shock absorber, battery and many more.

We perform engine diagnostic to fix the 'check engine' light problem.

We check the alignment and balancing of your car wheels and rectify them if necessary.

For all the information on what we do and get to know us better, visit our site You may even drop us a line on 01507526894.

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