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Have engine oil and oil filter replaced every year 

For your engine During an oil change, the engine oil is replaced.  

Engine oil is used for lubrication, cooling, cleaning and protection of the engine parts, which are in motion. Over time, the quality of the engine oil deteriorates. Therefore, we recommend you to get an oil and filter change done every year to ensure a high running performance of the engine. 


A worn filter or an insufficient oil level can affect the performance of the engine and reduce its service life. The warning signs are: 

Oil & Filters

Darker, thicker oil 

Flashing control lamp on your vehicle's dashboard 

Oil spills under your car 

Why should you come to us for an oil service? 

For an increased running performance of the engine 

Reduced wear thanks to the removal of metal particles 

Avoid corrosion and overheating of the motor

To save costs 

Optimised fuel consumption 

Benefit from Simon Rawdon Tyre's expert advice 

At Simon Rawdon Tyres in Horncastle, we systematically check the oil level of your car and carry out an oil change if necessary. We offer you a wide selection of mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic engine oils, which provide optimum engine performance. We fill in engine oil and replace oil filters, air filters and fuel filters as part of major maintenance work.  

Why not take advantage of our package deals? 

Simply combine the annual oil change with a full service just before your MOT is due. We will do our best to make you save time and money. 

TIP OF THE Simon Rawdon Tyres EXPERTS 

Even though most of the newer vehicles have extended maintenance intervals, we recommend checking the oil level once a month and before long drives. 

If you have any queries regarding oil service or any of our other services, please get in touch. We will be happy to talk to you.

Your Simon Rawdon Tyres team. 

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