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This is how it's done

If you have a tyre puncture, you do not necessarily have to buy a new tyre. For some damage, a cost-effective tyre repair can be carried out. Read here on Simon Rawdon Tyres, which options there are to fix a tyre damage inexpensively.

A puncture repair can be the cheap alternative. For example, a defective valve can be easily exchanged. It is also possible to repair stitches by retracting nails or screws. Since around 90 percent of all tyre damages are of such a kind, a favourable repair is possible for most flat tyres.

Tyre repairs - a job for professionals only

    Tyre repairs are only permissible if carried out correctly by experts with the right materials.

    Tyre repair - step by step:

  • Remove the tyre from the rim,
  • Check the extent of the damage to classify the damage as repairable,
  • Repair the tyre properly.
  • By law, damage in the area of the tread can be repaired up to a diameter of six millimetres (if the possibility of a tyre repair is not excluded from the tyre manufacturer in principle). If the tyre is irreparably damaged (side wall punctures etc.), a new tyre must be fitted.


    In order to be able to carry out a proper tyre repair, the tyre may not previously have been treated with a sealant.

    What is a "proper" tyre repair?

    Professional tyre repair includes the following steps:

  • The damage channel is cleaned by drilling.
  • The perforated channel is closed again using a self-vulcanizing filling tape.
  • A repair patch is installed from the inside.
  • After the tyre repair, the tyre is pulled back onto the rim. Balancing is also necessary since an imbalance can have arisen through the repair patch.

    Can I repair my own tyre?

    We strictly advise you not to try to repair a puncture yourself by using one of those DIY puncture repair kits available as we do not consider them as safe.


    A professional tyre repair is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new tyre. In addition, waste is avoided, and the environment is spared. If a tyre is properly repaired, it can be used as well as before.

    Our skilled Simon Rawdon Tyres team will do its best to repair your tyre puncture fast and by using only the best materials.


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