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Simon Rawdon Tyres, one of the most established names in the field of car servicing and supplier of OEM parts, is keen to serve the good people of Revesby. 

We are an 11-year old auto garage based in Horncastle. Armed with all the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technology, our highly professional and skilled technicians and mechanics deliver auto services and repair with unmatched integrity and dedication.

So what is it that we offer?

The complete list of services that we render would be difficult to describe on a single page. However, let us give you a brief overview on few of the essential services we offer:

• We check for faults in the alignment and balancing of your wheels and remedy the detected errors.

• We perform engine diagnostics to fix the unknown problem detected by the 'check engine' light on your car's dashboard.

• If any of your car components such as exhaust, brakes, clutch, battery or tyre is not functioning as it should, then provide general servicing and repairs for individual parts. In case a component is found irreparable, you will be informed of it and we will provide a replacement OEM component upon your consent.

• We provide various car servicing packages to our customers with numerous customisation options.

These are barely a few out of the overall services that we provide at our garage in Horncastle. You can visit our website for elaborated details on the services that we render our customers. We are committed to delivering quality services in timely manner at the most competitive rates.

Buy Tyres from Simon Rawdon

We aim to make your tyre buying experience an easy one. You can visit our auto centre and meet our tyre experts to help you buy the tyres best suited to your vehicle. If you are already sure of what you want, you can quickly buy tyres online from our website. You just need to provide few essential details, and you will be introduced to our treasury of tyres in a matter of minutes. You can try this now by filling in the requested details in the search box at the top of this page.

The tyres we supply are manufactured by some of the finest brand recognised across the world. Some of the favourite brands that we work with are Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli and Hankook. These tyres come with the manufacturer's quality and warranty. 

Whether you prefer to drive on-road with standard car tyres or set off on new off-road adventures on 4x4 tyres; whether you prefer to switch between summer tyres and winter tyres or use the same all-season tyres throughout the year; whether you want a specialised performance tyre fitted to your sports car; we provide tyres that will meet your motoring requirement. That too, at inexpensive rates compared to other dealers. 

So why go anywhere else for car care? Simon Rawdon supplies and fits tyres Revesby roads require! Get in touch with us at Simon Rawdon Tyres today. Call us on 01507 526894.

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