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Stixwould, a beautiful village in Lincolnshire, rests in peaceful hands of nature. The only complaint that one may have is the lack of a proper garage in the area. Car owners often have to travel long miles to get their vehicle repaired or buy quality OEM components.

Well, there is a fix to this issue. The fix is merely 8.7 miles away, can be reached through B1191 road in less than 20 minutes. That fix is Simon Rawdon Tyres garage in Horncastle.

Simon Rawdon Tyres is one of the most excellent auto care centres in Horncastle. Anything you need, whether it is getting your car serviced or repaired, or need OEM replacement parts such as tyres, can be acquired from here.

Tyres Stixwould car owners must buy

Our centre is stocked with a vast array of tyres manufactured by globally known brands, which will fulfil all your motoring needs. Here is a quick list of the types of tyres you can purchase from us:

Summer tyres

Winter tyres

All-season tyres

Car tyres

4x4 tyres

Performance tyres

We do not compromise on the quality of the tyres we provide. That is why we sell tyres developed by popular brands only. Our tyre stock includes, but not limited to, names of brands such as Continental, Michelin, Hankook, Dunlop, and Pirelli. These tyres are of supreme quality, carry manufacturer's warranty, and available at reasonable rates compared to other expensive dealers.

You can gain access to the tyres we sell through our website All the details about the tyres will be provided here; with merely a few clicks you can buy tyres online, and we will ensure that they are delivered to you in a timely manner.

Services Rendered by Simon Rawdon Tyres 

Apart from tyres, if any component is found damaged or defective during servicing and repairs, we also offer replacement OEM parts to the motorists. The vehicle will be fitted with a replacement OEM component only upon your consent.

If you believe something is not right your vehicle, or feel a component is not performing as it should, then you must bring the vehicle to our garage. In Horncastle. We provide numerous vehicle services. Some of which are mentioned below:

Tyre damage repair and fitting services

Wheel straightening, wheel alignment, and wheel balancing services

Engine Diagnostics

Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle Component Repairs including Exhaust, Brakes, Batteries, Clutch, Suspension, DPF, and Air conditioning system

Restoration work

For elaborated details regarding the services we provide, meet us at our workshop and talk to our technicians. You may even speak to our support executives by calling us on 01507 526894.

Drive happy, drive safe, Stixwould car owners!

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