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The suspension is an elastic linkage that separates the frame, engine, passengers, etc. from the wheels, brake discs, differential axes, etc. of a vehicle. Each suspension system consists of a set of mechanical joints and fittings, which cooperate with springs and shock absorbers. This operates to control the vertical wheel vibration and the resulting variation of their distance from the suspended body of the vehicle. The function of the suspensions is on the one hand the comfort and reduction of the oscillations that reach the bodywork and the cabin of the passengers and on the other hand the driving of the vehicle.

Suspension is very important because if it did not exist:

a) The car would "leave" the road with the first load shift

b) The occupants would feel the slightest anomaly of the pavement.

Shock absorbers typically spoil because the oil used by manufacturers has an expiration date (4 years from the date of manufacture).

Semi - Rigid

The semi-Rigid shaft is used in modern small passenger car constructions and acts as a stabilizer while increasing the stability of the car, especially in turns

The ends of a semi-rigid shaft are welded with two parallel longitudinal steel arms, right and left, while the wheels are mounted on the arms. Also, the ends of the bridge at the top have specially shaped fastening brackets, whereby by means of rubber bearings they are supported by screws on the body.

The main element of a suspension is springs

It is a body that, as it squeezes and changes shape, stores within it a quantity of mechanical energy and releases it as soon as it returns to its original shape. Each spring has a certain hardness coefficient, i.e. a number that describes the ratio of the force deforming the spring to the amount of deformation caused. This coefficient comes from a set of data such as the coefficient of elasticity of the material from which it is made, but also from the way and the type of deformation that is made of it, always according to the selected section of the material in the area of the deformation.

Suspension refurbishment Horncastle having the high level of knowledge and experience combined with the use of highly specialized tools and the vacuum-filling machine, we guarantee a high-quality result, performance and performance. With full capacity and spare parts stocks, we are able to cope even with the most demanding damage in the shortest possible time.

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