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Thank you for visiting this page Tetford car owners!

Does your vehicle need new tyres? Is your car's 'Check engine' light flickering on your dashboard? Is your exhaust too loud or emitting smoke?

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, then you must visit Simon Rawdon Tyres garage in Horncastle. You can buy new tyres and take advantage of the high-quality vehicle servicing and repair solutions at our local workshop.

Fret not, its not a long journey. It is merely a 20-minute drive away from Tetford easily accessible through Tetford road.

Here is what we offer!

A Treasury of Tyres

Our workshop is stocked with a vast range of tyres from the most popular brands. We supply tyres that can match all your car needs, whether it is for driving on the motorway or the rough terrain, whether it is for driving in summer or winter, or whether you are looking for premium value or budget tyres. The types of tyres that we provide are:

  • Car tyres
  • 4x4 tyres
  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • All-Season tyres
  • Performance tyres

Here are few of the well-known brand of tyres Tetford motorists can purchase from us:

  • Dunlop
  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Hankook

Visit our local garage in Horncastle to browse through the stock of tyres we offer. You can also buy tyres online from our website from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to you at the doorstep.

Comprehensive Car Services

At Simon Rawdon, we offer a wide range of vehicle repairs and services Tetford car owners need. The services that we offer are:

  • Tyres repair and replacement service
  • Wheel straightening, wheel alignment and wheel balancing service
  • Exhaust servicing and repairs
  • Brakes servicing and repairs
  • Clutch servicing and repairs
  • Batteries cleaning and replacement service
  • Engine diagnostics service
  • Air Conditioning servicing and repairs
  • DPF removal
  • Oil and filter cleaning and replacement service

If you are struggling to find a good quality car garage in Tetford, then you must bring your vehicle to our workshop in Horncastle and experience our service offerings yourself. Our facility has state-of-the-art equipment managed by experienced technicians and professionals capable of providing solutions to all your car problems with ease. Don't believe us? Visit our garage anytime during the working hours. You may also explore our website for more details.

We understand the value of good customer service. If you still have any questions for us, we are simply a phone call away.

Reach out to us on 01507 526894.

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