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Wheel Balancing in Horncastle - Welcome to the Simon Rawdon Tyres

FOR YOUR SAFETY and driving comfort - wheel balancing

Do you feel vibrations in the vehicle interior, in particular on the steering wheel? Do you have the impression that your vehicle is moving to the left or right? The tyres of your car appear to be irregular, more worn and vulnerable in some places on the tyre surface?

Caution, there may be a problem with the balance or the wheel alignment!. Find out how you recognise these anomalies and what you can do about them.

    Balancing of wheels/tyres

    What is balancing good for?

    At our garage, the tyres are always balanced during the tyre mounting process. This is to prevent the previously mentioned vibrations during driving. This not only ensures better driving comfort but also prevents premature wear of the tyres and the mechanics of your vehicle (suspension, steering and wheel bearings).

    How is a tyre balanced?

    In order to avoid vibrations, the tyre weight must be distributed evenly around its rotational axle. When balancing, small balancing weights are simply attached to the rim for uniform weight distribution.

    This process is carried out by our technicians during the tyre fitting and must be repeated at times. It is quite possible that the balance shifts in the course of time or, for example, after hitting a curb etc.

    What are the signs of poorly balanced tyres?

    The following "symptoms" may indicate poor balancing of your tyres:

    You will feel the vibration on the steering wheel while driving. The rubber of your tyres seems to be uneven: a faulty balancing, which is not corrected as soon as possible, can lead to uneven tyre wear and damage.

    In this case, you should not wait any longer: Bring your vehicle to us for wheel balancing in Horncastle - your Simon Rawdon Tyres experts will take over the balancing of the wheels for you.

    We use the latest, state of the art technology - the Hunter wheel balancing system for maximum accuracy. With this fantastic wheel balancing equipment, we can detect any imbalance (radial and lateral force measurement) correct it in next to no time.

    So, in case you have experienced any of the issues mentioned above recently, come to our workshop. No appointment needed.

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