Wheel Straightening

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Wheel Straightening in Horncastle - Simon Rawdon Tyres

The repair of rims is useful not only for slight curb damages on the outer edge. Even in the case of oxidation, lacquer damage or corrosion, a rim repair can be successfully carried out. In the case of damage such as side and vertical impacts, a rim repair, regardless of which brand, also makes sense. For the repair of the rims of whatever kind, modern technical procedures are applied and combined with conventional methods based on many years of experience, so that rim damage of all kinds is repaired quickly and professionally. 

In the case of kerbstone damage, scratches etc. are repaired using WiG welding processes, and deformed areas are treated with applied aluminium. The rims are returned to original tolerance using a straightening procedure to repair impact damage. In the case of salt and oxidation damage, the rims are freed from the varnish by sanding and blasting and subsequently varnished, powder coated or refined. Even in the case of lacerations of other lacquer damage, such as, for example, by rock fall, the lacquer damage must be improved on the rims through this method, either in part or as a circumferential re-control. Brake dust can burn into the rims over time. To prevent brake dust deposits, rims can be sealed with the latest nanotechnology. 

Wheel Straightening

The wheel straightening procedure step by step: 

Dismantling of the wheel and removing of the tyre 

Wheel alignment of the rim 

Damage assessment 

Laser-assisted measurement of the rim 

Rinsing the inner bed under heat supply 

Hydraulic over-zero point pressing by the rolling process 

Hydraulic alignment with heat on the outside of the rim 

Straightening the rim flange 

Lacquer the damaged area 

Material application rim 

Important: Always use the appropriate aluminium alloy for welds. 

Forming of the welded rim flange 

After the rim has been technically repaired, it will be examined for its operational safety with our in-house x-ray system for possible, invisible defects. Should this last test show no defects, further optical processing and refinement will follow to make the rims look like new. 

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