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If you live in Wood Enderby, you will be glad to know that Simon Rawdon Tyres garage is just around town. 

Simon Rawdon garage, established in 2007, is one of the most respectable names in Horncastle. If you have trouble finding authentic OEM parts in your area, then your trouble ends here as we are stocked with the OEM components, especially tyres, from the most reliable and globally recognised brands.

Tyres Wood Enderby motorists must use

We strive to deliver the best to all our customers. For this reason, we sell tyres of the most excellent brands to all our customers. Popular brands such as Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop and Hankook, to name a few, are available at Simon Rawdon Tyres. We understand the types of tyres Wood Enderby Roads demand, and therefore offer various kinds of tyres that would fulfil all your motoring requirements. The tyres we supply can be categorised as follows:

Car tyres for on-road driving

4x4 tyres to drive on off-road surface

Summer tyres to drive during warm weather conditions

Winter tyres to operate in cold/wet weather conditions

All-season tyres to drive during varying weather conditions

Performance tyres for high-speed vehicles

We will also take care of the current set of tyres of your vehicles, providing damage repair and servicing. Whether your tyre has puncture damage, whether it is misaligned or unbalanced, or whether it requires refitting, our tyre experts will deliver the best solution for your vehicle. If you want to buy tyres online or use the tyre services we render, just visit our website and place your order with ease.

Vehicle Services Wood Enderby motorists must opt for

Book an appointment online right away if your vehicle needs servicing or repairs. Our garage in Horncastle is armed with equipment and technology that is perfectly suitable to serve the modern cars you drive. Our automobile experts will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle before initiating any repairs or servicing. You will be notified of the detected issues and will be sent a quote covering all charges. Only upon your consent to the quoted price, we will begin to start working on your vehicle. No repairs, servicing or replacement shall take place without your approval. Here is a brief list of all the services we offer in our garage:

Car servicing packages

Servicing/repair/replacement of Individual components such as exhaust, brake system, suspension, clutch, battery, AC, and DPF.

Engine Diagnostic Service

Restoration work

For more details on the products we sell and the services we provide to our customers, you must go through our site We are here to support you as well. To talk to us, call us on 01507 526894.

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