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The tyres consist of the skeleton, belt, side walls and tread. The skeleton and the belt are surrounded by rubber mixtures and synthetic silicon in order for the sides and the tread to take the outer shape of the tyre. The sides are the ones that receive the transverse loads and their purpose is to keep the tread in contact with the road surface. The thread is probably the most important part of the tyre. It is what comes into contact with the ground because its surface is not smooth but it carries grooves that send water on the wet pavement and ensure the required adhesion.

    The type of rubber characterizes the properties of the tread and overall of the tyre:

  • The soft rubber offers better road handling but has a shorter lifespan and less resistance to strain and tough use.
  • So what do tyres need?

  • Air: It is contained in the tyre chamber and it absorbs vibration. It is also established because it just does not cost.
  • Nitrogen: Regarding the air, it does not swell when the temperature inside the tyre increases and thus the pressure is not affected. It is available in vans and it is used in racing.
  • Silicon: It mixes with the rubber and improves its properties when the tyre is in a cold phase. It also greatly reduces internal friction.
  • Whatever your car brand or tyre size the Car Tyres Horncastle can guarantee to sell safe and cheap tyres that will last a long time.

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